My name is Kyrylo Savytskyi, and below is a little bit info about me.

I am a custom software developer with 10+ years of experience. I've made apps that are used by millions of users monthly. They were mentioned by TechCrunch, LifeHacker, LA Times, The Washington Post, 9to5Mac, and others.

I manily focus on:
Mobile Development (iOS and Android) with Flutter, React Native, or Swift.
Backend Development with Node.js, Ruby on Rails, or Python.
Frontend Development with React.js (Next.js), Ember.js and similar.
Also I do work with ML/AI projects and desktop applications.

I mostly work with startups and small businesses, and I am always open to new opportunities. You can check my portfolio here.

Somehow I gained lots of experience launching successful (and failed!) startups, and sometimes do consulting in the related fields.

In addition to customer projects, I launch my own products:

One of my own projects is, a white-label SaaS solution that gives small businesses all the instruments to setup their online and mobile presence: from custom mobile apps and websites with online appointment booking to CRM and loyalty programs.

Also I am a founder of The Bullish Trade, a cross-platform app for stock and option traders. It scans the whole financial market, and tries to find the best trading opportunities and strategies.

Because I am not good at marketing, I wanted to automate SEO for my projects. So I created, a tool that helps you to generate blog posts with artificial intelligence (AI). It is currently under development (hence design sucks), but already usable.

Pumped is another project of mine, made for gym rats. It is currently in heavy development, so not yet ready for a real world use.

To manage my work/life balance, and to keep myself sane, I travel and do lots of extreme sports.

If I can help you with something, just let me know at